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Sod Installation for Lush Lawn  

Growing a lawn takes a great deal of effort and work. Along with this, it also requires the right weather conditions. However, it is not an impossible task as long as you have the right professionals with you. That is why you should look for the right landscaping company that services Zebulon, Wendell, Wake Forest, Youngsville, Rolesville, and Louisburg. They will help you with sod installation as it requires expertise and knowledge. You need to make sure your sod pieces are close together in a staggered direction. This enables better root formation.

What exactly is sod?

Sod is basically pre-grown grass. It is sold in sections. The soil and grass are held together by roots as well as other materials. Sod is immensely vibrant and lush. Moreover, it grows in an even manner and without weeds coming in to rupture or tamper with its growth. You can install sod or even replace it whenever you want, provided you go through the right steps to make certain the sod takes root, and grows fruitfully. 

What you can expect with sod installation 

With sod installation, you can be sure to obtain a wide variety of processes. Professionals are first going to do away with existing grass and weeds. After the locations of the sprinkler heads are marked off, the soil of the lawn is loosened up. This promotes root growth. A top dressing to resurface the yard is carried out if required. 

We add top dressing to resurface the yard if the need arises. Following this, the new sod is installed in a way that the edges touch and form a continuous mat. This makes sure you do not come across any water runoff with the new sod. 

Preparing to install sod

Sod installation is a time-consuming process. This is mainly because you want to make sure this is conducted successfully. In order to prepare for this process, our experts in lawn maintenance services and lawn care services examine and take a close look at your property. They also determine the sun/shade mix that your lawn presently obtains. After reviewing your options, we help you come to a conclusion on which is the best type of sod you need to install. 

After you conclude the best type of sod you want, the experts provide an exact estimate of what it is going to cost you once the sod is delivered and installed. After this, time and date are set to complete the job. 

Get in touch with the right professionals 

Do not let anything come in the way of your dream of the perfect garden. Whether you live in Wendell, Youngsville, Wake Forest, Zebulon, Louisburg, or even Rolesville, you can rest assured that we are experts in the sod installation process that offers you the best results. 

Our in-house professionals will do this by getting rid of the existing grass or weeds, ground tilling with the help of professional machinery, and using fertilizers and organic topsoil. Other than this, we also address drainage issues and proper watering facilities.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and schedule an appointment with us. You will realize that you are collaborating with the best landscaping company in the region. 

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