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Lawn Mowing: Know What Your Lawn Needs

No one gets a beautiful lawn automatically. It requires quite a bit of dedication and hard work. One of the best ways to start keeping your lawn looking neat and organized is through lawn mowing. You can run an online search for someone to mow my lawn and you will find many professional lawn mowing services in Zebulon, Wake Forest, Wendell, Rolesville, Youngsville, and Louisburg. Just make sure you get a lawn mowing company that has the right credentials and license. 

In case you are too busy to mow your lawn, you can get in touch with us. We cater to residential and commercial clients in Zebulon, Rolesville, Youngsville, Wake Forest, Wendell, and Louisburg. 

Just remember that even if you hire a lawn mowing company, you should still educate yourself as that will enable you to see if the experts from the company are doing their job right. 

“Someone to Mow My Lawn”

When you are looking online for someone to mow my lawn, the first thing to ask is the 1/3rd rule. As a rule, grass should be cut just one-third of its length when you mow the lawn. If you cut it shorter, it will allow the sunlight to reach the dormant weed seeds and they will thrive and flourish. 

You need to follow this rule even if the grass is long and overgrown. Ensure that you let the grass recover from the trauma of being cut before mow again. 

Know the Right Height for Grass

There are many different types of grass and each type has its own mowing height. Grass grown in the cool season, such as fescue, rye, and bluegrass, should not be mowed more than two to three inches. On the other hand, warm-season grass should be cut one-third of the blade length. 

Sticking to the right mowing height will ensure that your lawn remains healthy and you get a dense growth. 

Mow the Lawn When It Is Dry

Wet grass tends to form a clump and this makes it harder to mow it. Also, rather than cutting the grass, the lawnmower will tear the blades, damaging the grass and causing trauma. Hence, always ensure that you intend to get the lawn mowed, the grass is dry. 

Change the Mowing Pattern

Most people tend to mow the same pattern every time they mow their lawn. This is especially true for homeowners. If you do this, it will result in soil compaction. So, change the mowing pattern each week to ensure the lawnmower wheels do not lead to compaction. 

Changing the pattern will help the grass stand up tall and you will get an even cut. As a result, your lawn will look better and neater. Also, the direction you cut will determine the shade of that strip of lawn. Cutting away from your line of view will make the grass appear darker while cutting towards your line of view will make the grass look lighter. This is one tip we religiously give all our clients so that they know why the pattern needs to change each week. 

Mulch or Compost the Clippings

We encourage our clients to mulch the clippings rather than bagging it as the clippings contain vital nutrients that you can reintroduce into the soil. Our professional-grade lawn mower comes with a mulching set and this enables us to cut the grass fine. This mulch can be used in flowerbeds and around trees and shrubs to keep the soil moist and ensure the nutrients reach the roots. 

In case our clients are not interested in mulching, we recommend composting. This compost can easily be used as a top dressing to fertilize the soil in late spring and early summer. We can even build a compost pit for you to manage the composting so that you do not have to handle it. 

Get Rid of the Grass Clippings

After mowing, we always make it a point to rake the clippings and use them for mulch or compost. If you allow the clumps of grass to stay, it will prevent sunlight from reaching it and this will kill the grass. The result will be bare patches without grass instead of an even and lush growth. 

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Lawn mowing requires a lot of work and many people feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. You do not have to worry about lawn mowing and lawn maintenance in Zebulon, Louisburg, Youngsville, Wendell, Wake Forest, and Rolesville when you can use the lawn mowing services of a reputed company. 

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