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Are you looking online for the best lawn care near me? Your search comes to an end with NC Lawn Services. We have the reputation of being one of the best lawn care services in Wake Forest 27587 and are renowned for providing a whole range of useful lawn care and maintenance services. 

We serve residential and commercial property owners across Wake Forest and have established ourselves as the dependable lawn service company in Wake Forest and have a loyal customer base. We cater to the lawn care needs of residential and commercial clients by offering them professional, creative, and honest services. 

We have always tried to provide our clients with all the lawn care services that they need under one roof so that they can find everything they need. We are proud to offer our clients the most important lawn care and maintenance services in Wake Forest, NC, and some of them include the following:

Lawn Care Services

We offer some of the most comprehensive lawn care services so that you have a lawn that you can be proud of. 

We remove weeds, thatch, and moss from lawns. Weeds are notorious for taking up nutrients and water that are meat for the grass. Usually, birds, squirrels, and other small wildlife are the reason that weeds spread from one garden to another. They can make your lawn look unkempt and also adversely affect the health and wellbeing of your lawn. We use de-weeding tools to get rid of weeds and do not believe in using chemicals. 

Thatch is unavoidable in most lawns and it is made up of dead leaves and grass and other garden debris. It prevents moisture and nutrients from entering the soil, causing the grass to yellow and look anemic. We utilize innovative techniques to get rid of thatch and make sure that the grass does not get damage. 

The presence of moss on the lawn is an indication that there is a problem with soil drainage. Due to poor drainage, water gets accumulated and this leads to moss formation. We improve soil drainage using a variety of methods, including aerating the soil and adjusting the organic matter. Once that is done, your moss problem will disappear within no time. 

We even mow lawns and have the right equipment to ensure that the grass is not put through a lot of stress. We cut just enough to make your lawn look neat and tidy and also use edging tools to do up the edges of the lawn and make them neat and symmetrical. Our lawn mowing services are quite popular across Wake Forest and we make it a point never to disappoint our clients. As a knowledgeable and experienced lawn mowing company, we strive to educate our clients about the frequency of mowing which increases in the summer months when grass gets thick. 

We realize that soil aeration is necessary for many gardens across Wake Forest 27587, and we have the perfect solution for it. If you feel that the soil in your garden has compacted and it is affecting the growth of the grass and other plants, we can fix the issue without a problem. Soil aeration will improve nutrient absorption and soil drainage. You will have healthier and happier plants and grass. 

Get in touch with NC Lawn Services if you are looking for a lawn care company that knows the nuances of lawn care and offers seamless and effective services.

Lawn Maintenance

When you search online for lawn maintenance near me, you will get overwhelmed by the sheer number of results. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend time looking for the right service provider as NC Lawn Services offers superior lawn maintenance. Our lawn maintenance services in Wake Forest not only cover lawn mowing but also de-weeding, removal of moss, and improving soil drainage and aeration. 

We have the right tools and equipment to handle every aspect of lawn maintenance. You can be certain that we will do a thorough job so that your lawn and garden look beautiful, spotless, and healthy. We employ a wide range of methods and techniques to get rid of weeds, moss, and waterlogging. You can connect with us to find out more about these methods. 

No lawn maintenance project is too big or small for us. We will always use top-class ingredients and will not use harmful chemicals. We realize that many gardens attract birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife that aid in pollination. So, harmful chemicals are not part of our lawn maintenance services in Wake Field. We use organic products so if you have pets and kids, you have no reason to worry. 

NC Lawn Services provides you complete lawn maintenance and you will have no reason to look for another lawn maintenance company. Get in touch with us today and let us know what you are looking for. We would be happy to provide you with a no-obligation estimate.

Sod Installation

Whether you want to plant new sod or you want to replace your existing lawn, you can depend on NC Lawn Services to provide outstanding and effective sod installation services. We have been installing sod in homes and commercial properties for several years and our high success rate has made us one of the most popular companies for sod installation. 

We have the right tools, equipment, and knowledge to ensure that the installation goes off smoothly and you have a lush and green lawn within no time. We have a specific method of sod installation, wherein we first remove the weeds and existing grass. In case you have a sprinkler system in place, we mark the locations of the sprinkler heads. Once that is done, we aerate the soil and add top dressing. Lastly, we install the sod in one continuous mat so that there are no gaps where water can get accumulated or you can see the underlying soil. 

Sod installation can be time-consuming but our expertise and knowledge allow us to complete the installation process within no time. If you are looking for a result-oriented sod installation company in Wake Forest, get in touch with us. After seeing how we install sod, you will realize why we are the first choice among our clients.

Land Grading Services

Any landscaping company in Wake Forest 27587 will tell you that before you decide to landscape your yard or garden, you need land grading services. As a leading landscaping and land grading company in the area, we correct the natural slope of the ground to ensure that water flows away from the building and does not pool. 

Land grading helps to make the ground level and slope it away from built structures so that you can then install hardscape and softscape without worries. As a part of our landscaping services, we initially focus on land grading but can also provide this service to clients who have a waterlogging problem. 

If the ground slopes towards built structures, it will lead to water damage. Of course, you may not notice the damage initially as it will not be visible to the naked eye. However, with time, not only will it adversely affect the foundation and the structure over the ground but it can also lead to expensive repairs in the future. 

To minimize damage due to waterlogging and incorrect land gradients, we undertake land grading. The process requires the removal of the topsoil so that we can focus on the underlying soil to sculpt and level it as needed. During this time, we check the soil condition and if it is too loose, we add a mesh to keep the soil in place and prevent its movement. Once that is done, the topsoil is put back and we level and slope it as required. 

Land grading does away with improper elevations and when you choose NC Lawn Services, you can rest assured knowing that we have a thorough knowledge of land grading and will put it to good use to give the results you want. With no unevenness and proper soil aeration, waterlogging disappears and if there is rainfall or you water your garden, you never have to worry about the water flowing towards the built structures and damaging them. 

You can get in touch with us if you want to know how land grading can benefit you. Our friendly and responsive support staff would be more than happy to answer your queries and allay your doubts.

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As you can see, we provide a whole range of lawn care and maintenance services that are designed to improve the look and feel of your lawn. With the help of our lawn care and maintenance services, you can improve the curb appeal of your property and boost its resale value. Above all, you will have your own personal oasis where you can relax and unwind after a busy day. 

Get in touch with NC Lawn Services today for a no-obligation estimate for any of the services we provide in Wake Forest. You will love our cost-effective pricing and our professionalism.

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